The concrete industry stands for 8% of the global Co2 Emissions.

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Your voice is important. Together we can put pressure on building companies to build sustainably using wood instead of concrete. Singing petition helps UN highlight wood the sustainability goal Nr. 11.

The concrete industry is stealing our beaches

80% of our beaches goes to creating concrete.

By 2050, UN estimates that another 2,5 billion people will move to cities.

Due to the high speed urbanization, concrete may not be far away from being the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases.

Concrete is a threat towards wild life

The concrete industry is causing loss of biodiversity around the world.

The sand mafia

The concrete industry is the 3d biggest global crime. There is a sand mafia that threaten, intimidate and kill people over illegal sand to make concrete.

Concrete is the most destructive material on earth.

A Sioo Wood Protection initiative created to fight climate change.


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The Concrete Generation is an initiative fighting climate change by challenging the construction industry to consider wood over concrete.